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Meet Me In Paris!

Dear colleagues,

We invite you to attend the conference on “Improving Risk Regulation:  From Crisis Response to Learning and Innovation,” to be held in Paris on 13-14 October.

The latest conference agenda summary (version of 9 September) is accessible through the link at the bottom of this post.

The agenda, further details, and links to register are at: .

This conference is co-hosted by the IRGC ( ), the OECD Regulatory Policy Division ( ), and the Duke University “Rethinking Regulation” program (  ).

  • The first day addresses how crisis events shape regulatory change and how regulatory institutions can learn from crises.  This is the theme of a research project we are leading at Duke University on “Recalibrating Risk: Crises, Perceptions and Regulatory Change” (book forthcoming in 2015).
  • The second day addresses how regulatory systems can be designed to learn and improve over time, both exhibiting adaptive policy innovation and stimulating technological innovation.
  • Case studies to be highlighted during the conference include the regulation of oil spills, nuclear accidents, financial crashes, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals; the use of behavioral insights and non-government networks in regulation; and more.
  • Speakers will come from numerous countries, disciplines, and organizations.


We hope to see you there!


Best regards,

Ed Balleisen

Lori Bennear

Kim Krawiec

Jonathan Wiener


Duke University – “Rethinking Regulation” program

in collaboration with


OECD Regulatory Policy Division,


Improving Risk Regulation – Summary Agenda v09Sept2014

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