Monthly Archives: April 2015

Duke Law Students At FT Alphaville

Hooray for Duke Law Students Sriram Giridharan, Martin De Jong, Barret Jackson Nye, Brandon Rice, and Melinda Goralczyk, whose proposal to restructure Ukrainian debt is featured in depth over at FT Alphaville!!

As someone who has tried for years – unsuccessfully – to grab some attention from Alphaville’s savvy writers, I can say that this is quite a feat. Alphaville’s readership is highly sophisticated, especially on issues of sovereign debt, which are featured regularly, so this is a real vote of confidence for the students’ knowledge and creativity in coming up with this proposal.

I have it on good authority that this is a particularly exceptional group of students, so congratulations to them on a job well done, just as the semester is wrapping up.

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