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Recently, I had the good fortune to attend Challenging Boardroom Homogeneity, a symposium and book launch hosted by Aaron Dhir at Yale Law School. Lounge readers may remember that Aaron participated in our recent What’s The Return on Equality? mini-symposium here at the Lounge, in which he discussed some of the findings from his interviews with Norwegian directors that form the basis for his book.

I won’t say much about the book right now (though I may come back with a more detailed discussion later), other than to say that I definitely recommend it for anyone interested in this subject matter. Although I am significantly more skeptical than Aaron when it comes to directors’ assertions regarding the business case for boardroom diversity, the material he’s collected is a real contribution to the field and really essential reading.

The book launch and symposium was a great event that included many folks whose work in this area I’ve admired for some time. And, as is particularly appropriate for the topic, it was a highly diverse group on a number of fronts, with academics from law, economics, sociology, political science, and psychology represented, as well as directors, business leaders, and others active in this space from the non-academic side. It was one of the better events I’ve attended.

The photo is of our group at the end of an excellent day’s discussion.

Symposium Participants

Symposium Participants

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Diversity and the Professions at AEA Tomorrow

Having just finished up the Business Associations program on The Future of the Corporate Board this morning, I’m now off to Boston for a panel tomorrow at the American Economics Association Annual Meeting. If any other law profs happen to be wandering the halls, definitely stop in to say “hello.” I’ll be discussing my research on board diversity, and whatever lessons it may hold for diversity in the professions. Other panelists will discuss the single woman penalty and diversity and the innovation economy. Fellow law prof Laura Beny (Michigan) is moderating and will also discuss diversity and law firms.

Unfortunately, the timing of the two conferences was such that I’m only able to attend the last day of AEA. That’s too bad, as there were a number of sessions that I really wanted to attend. Ah well. Can’t be everywhere at once.

Jan 05, 2015 8:00 am, Boston Marriott Copley, New Hampshire

National Economic Association

Diversity and the Professions (J4)

Presiding: LAURA N. BENY (University of Michigan)

Diversity and the Innovation Economy

LISA D. COOK (Michigan State University)

Diversity and Performance of Elite United States Law Firms

LAURA N. BENY (University of Michigan)

Diversity and Talent at the Top: Lessons from the Boardroom

KIMBERLY KRAWIEC (Duke University)

Leadership and the Single Woman Penalty: A Role Expectations Account of Early Career Barriers to Promotion for Female MBAs

JENNIFER MERLUZZI (Tulane University)

DAMON PHILLIPS (Columbia University)


TERRY-ANN CRAIGIE (Connecticut College)

ROBYNN COX (Spelman College)


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