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Slides From The Improving Risk Regulation Conference

Banner-OECD14-640x191As I mentioned in an earlier post, the OECD Regulatory Policy Division, together with the International Risk Governance Council (IRGC) and the Rethinking Regulation program at Duke University recently held a conference on Improving Risk Regulation: From Crisis Response To Learning and Innovation at the OECD Conference Centre in Paris. All of the slides from the conference, including mine, have now been posted online, and some of you may find some of the presentations useful.

Flyer_19JuneFrom the IRCG conference website:

New approaches to regulation may be stimulated by careful research and practical experience, but also spurred by crisis events that alter perceptions and spark demand for policy change.  What can we learn from these diverse sources of regulatory change? How can we do a better job in fostering constructive regulatory improvement?

The conference identified, evaluated and discussed the relevance and effectiveness of new approaches to improving risk governance, both as they result from responding to and learning from crises, and as deliberate innovations in how regulatory power is exercised and shared.  It built upon:

  • 577Work from the OECD Regulatory Policy Division about “Risk and Regulatory Policy – Improving the Governance of Risk” and recommendation about performance- and consumer-based regulation
  • The project on “Recalibrating Risk: Crises, Perceptions and Regulatory Change,” of the Rethinking Regulation program at Duke University, which investigates how regulatory policies and institutions change in response to crisis events, and seeks lessons for the future
  • IRGC’s work on the role of regulatory frameworks and institutional arrangements in the context of risk governance, including mechanisms for adaptive regulation that are able to update in response to new information and contexts.

10710629_957874910895532_1142226716549404503_nThe conference brought together practitioners of risk governance and regulation from private, public and academic organizations interested in sharing knowledge and enhancing their understanding of crisis and new forms of risk regulation.

To download slide presentations, go to the agenda and click on the respective presentation. For a short summary of each section, click on “Highlights” next to the session title.

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Meet Me In Paris!

Dear colleagues,

We invite you to attend the conference on “Improving Risk Regulation:  From Crisis Response to Learning and Innovation,” to be held in Paris on 13-14 October.

The latest conference agenda summary (version of 9 September) is accessible through the link at the bottom of this post.

The agenda, further details, and links to register are at: .

This conference is co-hosted by the IRGC ( ), the OECD Regulatory Policy Division ( ), and the Duke University “Rethinking Regulation” program (  ).

  • The first day addresses how crisis events shape regulatory change and how regulatory institutions can learn from crises.  This is the theme of a research project we are leading at Duke University on “Recalibrating Risk: Crises, Perceptions and Regulatory Change” (book forthcoming in 2015).
  • The second day addresses how regulatory systems can be designed to learn and improve over time, both exhibiting adaptive policy innovation and stimulating technological innovation.
  • Case studies to be highlighted during the conference include the regulation of oil spills, nuclear accidents, financial crashes, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals; the use of behavioral insights and non-government networks in regulation; and more.
  • Speakers will come from numerous countries, disciplines, and organizations.


We hope to see you there!


Best regards,

Ed Balleisen

Lori Bennear

Kim Krawiec

Jonathan Wiener


Duke University – “Rethinking Regulation” program

in collaboration with


OECD Regulatory Policy Division,


Improving Risk Regulation – Summary Agenda v09Sept2014

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