Duke Project On Law And Markets: Updates

In the fall, I posted about my school’s yearlong initiative on Law & Markets, led by Joseph Blocher and me. The initiative builds on the model developed a few years ago by my colleagues Curt Bradley and Mitu Gulati, when they ran a project on Law & Custom. Like the Custom and Law Project that precedes it, the Law and Markets Project includes a summer reading group (see here for a reading list), a full year of workshops dedicated to law and markets (see here for the schedule), a student seminar (course description here), two public lectures (I’ll post about those separately), and will culminate in a symposium and volume (this one will be published by Law & Contemporary Problems, a quarterly, interdisciplinary, faculty-edited publication of Duke Law School).

Now that we’re into the home stretch, I feel like we’ve achieved a number of the goals we set for ourselves with this project. We’ve hosted speakers from a variety of disciplines (including law, economics, philosophy, sociology, and history) who spoke on topics ranging from refugees, to tax, to credit default swaps, to egg, sperm, blood, and organ markets. We’ve learned a lot, forged stronger connections with some of our colleagues across campus, and had fun. I’m counting it a success.

I’ll be back with more to say about some specific lectures and workshops, but for now am posting the workshop posters here (I’ve been tweeting them as they arise, so if you want updates follow me @KimKrawiec).

Workshop Poster Spring 2016Workshop Poster[1][1]

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