Taboo Trades Reading Lists

One of the things that I talked about with Christian and Joe the other day was my course on Taboo Trades and Forbidden markets that I’ve blogged about on a number of occasions. Some folks have reached out to ask for a reading list or other information about the course, so I finally got around to putting up reading lists and other resources on my webpage.

Head on over if you’re interested in what I cover. You’ll see that I have a core of readings that I assign each year, then rotate among other readings and topics depending on my current interests. I’ve also linked to a few blog posts that address particular readings, speakers, or issues that I cover.

If you teach a similar course please leave a comment letting me know more about your course and coverage. And if anyone is interested in a “taboo trades” syllabus repository and is willing to share let me know that as well – I’ve been thinking about putting one together as a shared resource.

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