The Future of the Corporate Board

I’m hoping to see many of you at the AALS in the upcoming days. Do remember to check out the Business Associations program, which is in the coveted time slot of 8:30 am – 10:15 am on Sunday in Thurgood Marshall East, Mezzanine Level. Naturally the main draw here is the moderator, but there are some other notable presenters and discussants as well, as you can see from the program below. Reading through the papers, I’d expect our discussion to touch specifically on managing the corporation for the long term versus the short term, balancing long term goals against management entrenchment, board independence, board diversity, connections between board diversity and board independence, and more.

The Future of the Corporate Board

Moderator: Kimberly D. Krawiec, Duke University School of Law

 Discussants: Christine Hurt, BYU Law School

Robert B. Thompson, Georgetown University Law School

Speakers from a Call for Papers:

Sean J. Griffith, Fordham University School of Law

Jeffrey David Manns, The George Washington University Law School

Darren Rosenblum, Pace University School of Law

Andrew Abraham Schwartz, University of Colorado School of Law

How will boards adapt to recent changes and challenges in the business, legal, and social environment in which corporations operate? The recent global financial crisis and the continuing need for many corporations to compete internationally mean that today’s boards face economic pressures that their predecessors did not. This pressure is heightened by the rise of activist investors, many of whom aggressively push for changes to corporate management and governance. On the legal front, new regulations, such as Dodd-Frank, impose heightened compliance and other burdens on many companies and boards. And on the social front, pressures for socially responsible corporate behavior and greater racial and gender diversity on boards continues. Our program seeks to examine the ways in which boards have, and will in the future, respond to these challenges.

Business meeting at program conclusion.

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